A smart combination for environment and economy


A career in combined transport

Combined transport as future-oriented field guarantees safe, yet exciting job prospects.

A safe workplace with exciting challenges ahead

For combined transport to operate smoothly, each move must be spot on. The industry therefore needs professionals with increasing experience who are well educated.

Due to globalisation, freight transport is more and more important. A workplace in the logistics industry thus offers a promising future.

The many areas involved in combined transport offer a variety of fields of work with exciting challenges and a daily sense of achievement.

Wide choice of fields of work

In terminals and ports, staff ensure the seamless connection of modes of transport and employees are an important part of the continuous flow of information.

The staff of carriers, railway companies and train operators and their know-how of logistics as well as of the advantages of the rail system account for the availability of sustainable transport-products for customers.

Essential infrastructure for the trade sector

The average consumer rarely experiences the importance of supply chains first-hand. Instead, they enjoy a hitherto unprecedented range of choice – from food, to clothes, to entertainment electronics and much more. The consumers do not need to know the exact journey of the products, as professionals ensure the arrival of those products from all over the world at local stores via a combination of ships, trains, and lorries.

Without the transport industry, there is no modern industry

The transport industry is the backbone of not only commerce but industry as well. Modules and raw material originate from all over the world. The hardworking staff of the transport industry is needed to ensure that the material finds its way to where it is needed, and in turn to make sure that the finished products are transported to where the customers are. Even in precarious situations, this staff demonstrate their skills and keep an overview of complex situations.

Labour market trends rising

Employees with a solid education are always wanted on the labour market and can expect good salaries. The entries in the AMS job lexicon prove that:

Business management training (School, University/College/Teacher training college)



Commercial apprenticeship





Finanz- und RechnungswesenassistentIn




Technical training (School, University/College/Teacher training college)

ElektrotechnikerIn – Energietechnik

ServicetechnikerIn im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Technical apprenticeship

ApplikationsentwicklerIn – Coding


ElektronikerIn (mit MODULEN)

ElektrotechnikerIn (mit MODULEN)




KraftfahrzeugtechnikerIn (mit MODULEN)

MechatronikerIn – Hauptmodul Automatisierungstechnik


MetalltechnikerIn (mit MODULEN)